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Poetry competition winner

March 2012

Our winner for March 2012 is 15 year old Rosie Scott from Grimsby. Congrats Rosie!

She says:
"i'm 15 and i've been a vegetarian for just over 5 years (since i was 9 in a carnivore household) since then i've converted my mum and 3 friends into vegetarians, and my dad is rethinking his meat ways."

From Pigs to You

the blackness of your souls,
widens thickens and deepens,
through the tidal wave of humanity,
you choke me through tortue and pain,
the storm arives and ahead lives silence,
the world is stunned,
fear is highly visible,
but looking at the past we realise we are cruel souls like no other,
no more cold air rush through my shivering body,
just whispers of the silent wind,
the bullet will no longer trigger again,
you've saved me,
for now no pig will die on your plate,
neither a cow or chicken,
you've helped the world see greatness,
you'll live 4 years longer,
stand cities tall and inspire others
for you my friend are a vegetarian.






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