Animal Crackers! photography

Send us your pix of your fave animal friends, or of a wild or farmed animal and share with the world! The vegan cream of the crop will be sent a small but well-formed goody bag – and a winner will be chosen each month.

Email your photo(s) as a jpeg to or share your photo with us on Facebook, with your name and age and a bit about your pic (and don't forget to mention it's for the competition!).


Photographer of the Month!


also by Maisie Newman, age 13 of Stockport, titled “Betty Boo’s soulful eye”

Previous Winners


Maisie Newman, age 13, of Stockport, says: “I love animals and they deserve respect. I’m vegetarian because eating animals is cruel and wrong!” 

Loki by Maisie – aaah handsome little tiger!