Be still my weeping heart, by P. Ward

By P. Ward

I'm different, I know I am, I must speak out when I see a sham

I must speak clear when danger's near, why should the weak now live in fear.

This world could be a paradise, if people treated others nice,

But as it is, the great divide, has grown and now become too wide.

I fear the best has already gone, I fear of what my race has done.

We now have fires, winds, high seas, bringing people to their knees.

What has caused this, you may ask, nuclear bombs, or just bad ass!

No one really ever cares, some eat meat and some wear furs.

They do not ask, don't want to know, of where it comes, where life goes.

So was I dropped down from a plane, from some strange world that knows no pain?

Are there others just like me, or am I plainly now insane?


My heart is drowning in despair, my spirit broken, see right there.

Dozens of birds dumped on the field, waiting for death by human greed.

They do not know and do not care, what type of bird is waiting there -

For death to come, and take their lives, to feel the steel of butcher's knives.

And so I cry myself to sleep, the only way for light relief.

For I have seen it all before, dead dead pheasants on the floor

Their lives now over, ever gone  sees smiling shooter with his gun.

How dare these men come around and spread their misery on the ground.

How dare they make me witness this when I would sooner share a kiss -

With birds so very beautiful.


Is there nothing to be left, they've made our world so bereft.

The fox, the badger and the hare, all must die for no-one cares.

The deer, the rabbit, all must go, nowhere here on earth - too slow

But if I had my way, I'd surely beg you all to stay.

For life is really not as good, to walk right through an empty wood.