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The Viva!Activist team blog about vegan products, animals, our Viva!'s life saving campaigns, cool and interesting vegans, poetry and other competition entries - and you! Join the #veganvoice by sending us your vegan stories or anything you think we might like to activists@viva.org.uk.

Why I am a vegetarian

by Amelia, 9 years old

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Interview with Jerome Flynn

Jerome Flynn, actor and Patron of Viva!, chats to Juliet Gellatley about his spectacular return to acting – years after walking out on Simon Cowell to find his inner self

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Who’s the real vermin?

Blog by our Viva! Activist and trainee journalist, in India, HJ Srikanth

Vermin - the term, we humans often used to justify merciless killing of innocent animals.

And what wrong do those animals do?
The answer is nothing other than just existing.

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Say NO to Puppy Farms

When you think of puppies, what typically comes to mind? Cute creatures full of fun and life? A mini-version of man’s best friend? There are clearly lots of positives about puppies – yet many of them become pets in much more negative circumstances. Recent reports have revealed that ’puppy farms’ are on the rise in the UK: a method of breeding dogs for sale on a big scale.

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Looking beyond leather

If eating animals can be seen as cruel, why is wearing them any different?

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Why I stopped eating animals and why you should too - by Emma Gilbertson

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Who's the animal?

Emma Gilberton and Josh Luck are young film makers and passionate about Animal Rights and have made a powerful short film that looks at how humans treat animals. They made it with BBC Raw (a BBC pilot project for socially and racially diverse young people who want to develop as digital filmmakers. They did this with zero budget so an extra well done to them!).

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#veganvoice: Meet Asparagusaurus!

Oscar shares his story on going vegan and a delicious recipe from his website! #veganvoice is a chance to get your story heard and inspire others to make compassionate changes - send us your stories today by emailing them (with a picture!) to activists@viva.org.uk.

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Why it’s easier than ever to try vegan!

November is the month of The Great Vegan Challenge – an initiative to try a vegan diet for four weeks. And the good news is – it isn’t even that much of a ‘challenge’! Typically we associate challenges as being hard, whilst embracing a vegan diet could be seen as the opposite – especially at Viva!. Here we offer you a FREE 30 Day Vegan program, and you can start it whenever you like.

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