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Veganism, the growing movement

Blog by our Viva! Activist and trainee journalist, in India, HJ Srikanth

Veganism is growing into a worldwide movement of compassion towards our fellow earthlings. The movement is still growing far and wide. Even the UN urges global move to meat and dairy-free diet. In India, it’s at a much slower pace because of the belief that dairy products aren’t cruel, but lately things have changed as what happens behind the screen is coming to light. India being one of the leading exporter of leather is one clear evidence of the cruelty behind the dairy industry. In Chennai, the vegan movement is budding up too, with growing numbers of vegans.

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Playing politics

Blog by Liz, 14 from Cumbia and Jo, 15 of Rutland, E Midlands 

The repeal of the Hunting Act: a major debate for animal activists, recently quelled by the SNP’s refusal to sign off on any changes. After many anti-hunting protesters gathered outside the Houses of Parliament, it was revealed that the vote to be held for MPs was withdrawn, “shelved” according to the BBC. The fact that it has been halted is a clear win for the anti-hunting movement. However, there is undoubtedly a political motive behind this move, as there is with anything. The question we pose is: How far was this a true act of consideration for the animals and how much was it a power grab?


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The countdown to Christmas... doesn’t have to be countdown for Turkeys

The darker nights and colder weather means that many people will be already making their preparations for Christmas! This means planning for presents, and, of course, thinking about food!

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#veganvoice: Lottie Jephson

Lottie shares her story on going vegan - awesome stuff Lottie! #veganvoice is a chance to get your story heard and inspire others to make compassionate changes - send us your stories today by emailing them (with a picture!) to activists@viva.org.uk.

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Animal Rights

By Jo, 15 of Rutland, E Midlands

Recently, coverage of the barbaric Yulin dog meat festival has been hitting our papers and our television screens, after the slaughter of 10,000 cats and dogs still took place despite Chinese government promises to ban it. Based on a tradition to “ward off the heat of the summer months” (BBC) at the summer solstice, this cultural norm has gone on for many years. Yet now people are saying that enough is enough and this has sparked an interesting debate – how can people condemn it and fight against it, when they hypocritically eat meat themselves?

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