Why it’s easier than ever to try vegan!

November is the month of The Great Vegan Challenge – an initiative to try a vegan diet for four weeks. And the good news is – it isn’t even that much of a ‘challenge’! Typically we associate challenges as being hard, whilst embracing a vegan diet could be seen as the opposite – especially at Viva!. Here we offer you a FREE 30 Day Vegan program, and you can start it whenever you like.

You can expect treats and tips every day with Viva! Our ’30 Day Vegan’ program sends meal ideas, celebrity inspiration and hot tips straight to your inbox, daily!

Going vegan means removing all animal products from your diet, including dairy products and eggs. It is a choice which helps to minimise animals being used as a means to an end for the food you eat. Plus it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice, with a number of big businesses and catering companies offering vegan versions of their products:

You can enjoy the experience as a 30 Day Vegan

  • Keep your favourite coffee – a number of coffee houses, including Starbucks and Costa Coffee, have started offering alternate milks for their drinks – which can include coconut and soya options. You can even enjoy a lovely coconut milk hot chocolate, which is great at this time of year!
  • Perfect pizza – many high-street pizza restaurants will omit the cheese on their pizzas if you request.  Plus Pizza Express offer an ideal vegan option, the Pianta pizza, which is loaded with veggies and flavour, as well as being cruelty-free!
  • Dine out in style – a surprising number of restaurants also offer vegan options, so you needn’t worry about being an inconvenience at the table. In fact, it can be the opposite – you can try new and exciting things which interest other people too! Popular places with vegan dishes include Tampopo, Pret A Manger and even Wetherspoons. Plus it helps to keep in mind what things can easily be vegan when you dine out: olives, bread and oils, vegetable-based sauces and chips too are all easy options for a quick bite.

It is great to see that the High Street is becoming more welcoming to vegans. It highlights that rising numbers of people are choosing a lifestyle which cuts down on animal cruelty - and you can too!

Some fun facts about being vegan

  • Many foods are surprisingly vegan – snack favourites like Oreos, salted crisps and peanut butter– are all vegan and delicious!
  • The UK has an all-vegan football team - Forest Green Rovers are a professional team which provides players and fans with an all-vegan menu, including sweet potato burgers.

Be part of the positivity and you too can be great-feeling 30 Day Vegan with Viva!. Even just to try it is a great experience! Find out more.

By Emily Oldfield