Butcher shop window, by Izzy Grady, 13

Izzy Grady, 13 of Manchester is our March winner. She says " The reason why I wrote this poem is because ever since I met Juliet of Viva! with a group of my friends at the Manchester vegan festival, I have been inspired to speak more openly on my ideas and opinions regarding animal rights with my friends and family. I also try to do so creatively so I hope you like my poem!"  Izzy, we do like it! It is very powerful.

Butcher shop window​

Nice and fresh -

Just in yesterday.

But do you know there's more to this than you and I may think, For behind that butcher shop window the was an animal- so to speak.

Throughout her life she knew nothing,

Other than pain and torture,

And from day one it hurts to know she was a motherless daughter.

Dragged and beat, blood and tears,

Throughout her short lived life,

But that is not what she deserved-

For she deserved to live.

She deserved to know her family and not just dragged away.

She deserved a warm environment,

Instead of cold, wet clay.

She deserved to have a name, instead of 269.

But that is not what she received- within her cruel, cruel life For she only knew pain and suffering and many sleepless nights.

Surrounded by disease and death,

Living in her own filth.

but there was no escape from this, regardless of her innocence.

Carted away in huge, great trucks with her life on the line, Approaching the tall, steel factory gates, Squeals of pain and fear, There is no other escape now For she has met her fate.

So next time you see some pork,

In a butcher shop window,

Think again about behind the scenes,

and how there is no peace.

Because sentient creatures suffer, for nothing but some meat.