Viva! Activists is the new interactive platform that YOU can be a part of!

We want this space to connect all of the Activists out there. Anything you think might be interesting, no matter what it is, just let us know! Send your ideas, stories, thoughts, artwork and more to You might even get a mention in the weekly upload - so log on, join in and let's show everyone that we are united in our cause! And of course keep up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Wouldn't it be amazing to say that you were part of something? Would it not fill you with joy to know, that you along with thousands of others, were literally creating change through just being yourself and having your own thoughts? Here at Viva! we encourage the younger generations to get involved in any way possible in the fight to save animals.

Being connected is so important in what we do, without your support we simply cannot make progress. The time for change is now, and the time for activism is now. So let's make something great happen. Become a Viva!Activist, and let's kick start the future today!

Check out our campaigns below for all the info on how animals are farmed, or check out the other areas using the menu above.