Britain’s favourite wild bird has joined the ranks of factory farmed animals. They have been forced out of the ponds and riversides and crammed into dirty sheds, where none of their natural instincts can be fulfilled.

Ducks out of water:

Animals that have evolved to eat, swim, dive, clean and play in water are denied it entirely except for drinking. Limited water supply leads to poor feathers, difficulty in keeping warm, eye problems and even blindness.

Genetic modification:

Mother ducks have been bred to produce 100 per cent more ducklings than five years ago. Wild birds fly, swim, dive and walk – however, the farmed birds are bred to be heavy. They may be unable to fly, have difficulty in walking and are prone to leg disorders.

Factory farmed:

We’ve filmed squalid conditions, diseased and injured ducks. Almost all ducks bred for meat in the UK will only ever see the inside of a  shed like this one - a far cry from the open water! Many people still don’t know that ducks are even factory farmed – let alone the fact that around 15 million are slaughtered in the UK each year. Able to live for 10 years, they are killed after seven weeks.



Ducks are also farmed to make foie-gras - which is their diseased liver made into a pâté (it literally means 'fatty liver' in French!). Ducks are forced into cages little bigger than their bodies, which stops them from moving as metal tubes are forced down their throats two or three times a day. They are forced to eat vast amounts of corn, a diet which causes the disease of the liver. The tube can cause wounds to the ducks' throats, leading to suffocation and infection.

The best way to help ducks and all animals is to not eat them! Find help and information on a vegan diet in our resources section.