Fish and Sealife

Fish and Sealife


Some people believe that eating fish is healthy for you (it’s not!) and less cruel because fish don’t feel pain. Not true! Fish can feel just as much pain as any other animal, and can also experience fear, joy and other emotions. They are alive after all!

Fish caught in nets are often crushed by the weight of other fish in the net. If not they suffocate out of water. There is absolutely no concern for their welfare in catching, killing or cooking.

Wild fish catches have passed their peak because fish populations are collapsing across the globe (there could soon be just as much plastic as there are fish in the oceans!). Fish farming is becoming more popular – but they have their own problems with infections and diseases, which are in turn infecting wild populations as well.


It’s hard to believe, but Tesco is making money off the back of turtles in their Chinese supermarkets. Turtles are decapitated without being stunned or sold live to customers who take them home to kill and cook in any way they want. Not only is this horribly cruel, it’s also an ecological disaster!

Lobsters and crabs:

In the UK, it is a growing practice to sell live lobsters and crabs for people to take home and kill. Often, they will be boiled alive or cut open with knives whilst fully conscious. It is extremely painful. 

Shockingly, there are no laws in the UK to protect lobsters, crabs and other crustaceans from suffering. People simply do not care about them at all!


Prawns are farmed massively across the world. They are no different from other animals – they suffer stress from being farmed, so much so that they won’t breed because they don’t feel safe. Females are forced into breeding by having their eye stalks cut off. And catching wild prawns is ruining the environment in some of the world’s most vulnerable places – even making tsunamis worse by removing natural tree barriers to make artificial shrimp pools!

The best way to help these animals is to not eat them! For help and information on a vegan diet, check out our resources.