Life Is Cheep

Life Is Cheep

We’ve gone undercover filming in chicken farms belonging to some of the biggest chicken suppliers in the UK. Nothing can prepare you for it – there’s always hope that things have changed but they never have.

The Sad Reality of Chicken Farms

Chickens raised for meat in Britain live a pitifully short six or seven week life. Yet even at this very young age, the problems are clear to see. Scattered across vast sheds, some chicks lie still in the sawdust, unmoving in the sweltering heat. These are the early casualties. Because chicks are so small, they have space to begin with - but it won’t last for long. When they grow up the space disappears and they have little to no room to move about. Almost everywhere we look we saw birds that were filthy, burnt from the ammonia soaked floor; some were deformed and huddled together perhaps seeking comfort. Viva! also collaborated with The Guardian newspaper in a telling exposé of Britain’s dirty chicken business, revealing that 92 per cent of all chicken on sale has traces of fecal matter (their own poo) on them.

Insider Scoop

We interviewed an ex-Faccenda chicken catcher and what he told us was horrifying.

“Each night we were expected to catch 5,000 chickens or more. The sheds were so crowded you could hear the birds popping beneath the wheels of the forklift trucks as they ran over them.”

How Big is the Problem?

Overall meat consumption in Britain continues to go down yet chicken sales grow, with 945 million birds killed for meat last year. 94 per cent of all farmed animals killed in this country are chickens and this is unacceptable. Please help us take the message to people everywhere that chickens matter and they can break this chain of suffering by simply changing what they eat!