Sheep and Lambs

Sheep and Lambs

Lambs are born mid-winter

Babies who should be born in spring and now often born in mid-winter – all to catch an early profit on the spring lamb meat market. As a result, many lambs die from hunger and hypothermia – up to a million a year.

Mutilated and sold

The babies are separated from their mothers to be sold for meat. It is then routine to amputate their tails with a knife, hot iron or tight rubber ring (which cuts of the circulation, causing the tail to die and fall off). Males are often also castrated – and all of this commonly done without anaesthetics to numb the pain!

Lambs are then killed between 3-6 months – a fraction of their 12 year natural lifespan.

The best way to help lambs and other animals is to not eat them! Find help and information about going vegan in our resources section.