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A vegan diet can go a long way, taking athletes on career paths they've never dreamed of.


These vegan chefs are showing the world how to eat kind! 



Whether they're using veganism in their stand-up or their celebrity as a platform to promote it.



From models to designers, vegans grace the global catwalk with style.

Historical Figures

Historical Figures

Discover which world leaders, heroes and public figures have been in the spotlight, sporting a vegan lifestyle.


Vegans models grace the global catwalk with style.



More vegans grace the back benches than you might think, and aren't necessarily members of the Green Party.

Pop Stars/Musicians

Pop Stars/Musicians


Is your favourite artist in this list of fabulous vegans?



Vegans are everywhere, from radio and TV to nightclubs and events.



From entrepreneurs to directors of both charity and film, vegan professionals rule the planet.



Many of the world's leading scientists have led a vegan lifestyle. Discover more about them here.



Authors of different mediums, vegans write with passion and empathy for our fellow creatures.

"I’m an old hippy vegetarian. I haven’t eaten flesh or fish since 1973"

The star of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch has been vegetarian since 1973. http://www.bigissue.com/features/interviews/1390/alan-ford-im-74-year-ol...

"Please choose vegetarianism. Do it for the animals. Do it for the environment and for the sake of your own health."

Alec Baldwin is an American actor who has starred in many films such as Beetlejuice, The Hunt for Red October, The Marrying Man, The Shadow The Aviator, The Cooler and The Departed. He was also in the television drama Knots Landing. "Every time sitting at a dining table, we make a choice....

"I believe that the world is for everyone and every creature."

Actress Alexandra Bastedo was a vegetarian, animal rights supporter and the founder of ABC Animal Sanctuary.

“My brother would make animal noises of the creature I was eating and I thought ‘I have to go vegetarian’. But it wasn’t until I was 21 that I really started to understand the puzzle of the whole...

Alicia Silverstone
Hollywood film star and vegan, Alicia Silverstone, speaks exclusively to Viva!life editor Helen Rossiter about why everyone should be moving towards a meatless lifestyle with her new book The Kind Diet
Meeting with a vegan superwoman
A WOMAN of ageless...

"I turned vegetarian after 9/11. A friend of mine came back from New York and said that he couldn’t stand the smell of burnt flesh. It immediately reminded me of a barbecue. The world has so much...

American actress famous for starring in Charmed.

In support of PETA, she appeared in an advertisement for them, advocating...

I really want people to know what happens to animals... Animals have feelings, and I think it's important we take action

Angela Simmons was inspired by her uncle Russell Simmons to adopt a vegetarian diet. She is passionate about raising awareness of the billions of chickens, cows, pigs and other animals who suffer on factory farms. Not only motivated by the cruelty involved she recognises the health benefits,...

"I've eaten organically since I was little and always kept meat minimal but today marks my first day as a 100% Vegan!!!! Joyous day." (November 5th 2013).

"I eat a healthy, Mediterranean diet. We are all veggies in my family. Always have been. My kids have never eaten fish or meat."

Actress Carol Royle is vegetarian and sang on Viva!'s Talk to the Animals single.

I got to a point where I couldn’t justify keeping cats as pets and eating cows as food. There’s this disassociation that we...

West End stage actress. Has starred in Les Misérables, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins and Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds national arena tour, alongside Jason Donovan. Brian McFadden and Shayne Ward.

Vegetarian since November 2014.

"When people ask me why I don’t eat meat or any other animal products, I say, ‘Because they are unhealthy and they are the product of a violent and inhumane industry'"

Casey became vegan in 2005. 'I believe veganism can be beneficial for the individual and the world, and of course the animal'. 'When people ask me why I don’t eat meat or any other animal products, I say, ‘Because they are unhealthy and they are the product of a violent and inhumane industry'....

"Some of the things that I do, I think are very important and much more important than the radio show or the television show that I do or anything else that I do. I think right at the top of the...

The late Casey Kasem, perhaps best known as the voice of Shaggy from Scooby Doo, was vegan. He once walked out on the role when Shaggy & Scooby-Doo were to be portrayed in a Burger King commercial, and only returned when the producers allowed the character to be vegan!

Your body shouldn't be a graveyard. Factory farms are hell for animals, and their death is slow and painful. Help animals by not eating them.'

This vegetarian actress is well known for her role in the hugely popular Twilight Saga and American post-apocalyptic horror drama television series The Walking Dead. She has been vegetarian since the age of 10 and has worked alongside Peta urging her fans not to treat their bodies like...

I was eating lunch on the Married With Children set, and they served me some kind of meat. I looked down and there was blood on my plate, and it was that realization, that I can’t eat something...

The idea of eating meat makes me feel quite queasy.

''Try to relate to who's on your plate.''

Daniella has worked with animal rights charity such as Peta urging her fans to have empathy for all animals, including onces living in the sea and to go vegan.

Monet was born Daniella Monet Zuvic in...

"I literally lost the ability to disassociate what was on my plate from the creature it had been."

''Why are vegans made fun of while the inhumane factory farming process regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit?''

The Oscar nominated Canadian actress shot to stardom after her breakthrough role in the 2007 film Juno. The actress is also a feminist, environmentalist, and activist as well as a compassionate vegan. Ellen often stands up for her beliefs, particularly responding to vegan critics.

In 2008...

“I’ve been vegan for 15 years, and it turns out it makes a very big impact on the environment to eat fewer animal products, which cause more greenhouse gases than all of transportation combined....

American actress famous for her role in Bones.

Deschanel is a vegan and a committed supporter of animal rights causes. She can be seen in an...

“When you get that close to an animal, things change and it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a dog or a chicken or a cow – they all have feelings and all have emotions.”

I feel that eating meat is unhealthy, unnecessary and very, very wrong