Jenna Dewan-Tatum

''I remember very clearly the day my mom made chicken fingers - I was like, 'wait, this was alive? This had parents? I'm not eating it anymore.''

Jenna has been a backing dancer for a number of artists as well as an actress such as her role in the 2006 film Step Up and American supernatural drama Television series Witches of East End playing Freya Beauchamp but most importantly she is a compassionate animal lover. She became vegetarian when she was 10 years old and switched to veganism 2 to 3 years ago. Jenna has also worked with the animal rights organisation Peta campaigning against exotic skins. In an interview with Natural Health she explains her decision to become a vegan. After her nutritionist did an allergy test she found out she was lactose-intolerant. She then saw a video of the horrible abuse dairy cows go through. Considering this she said ''ok, the universe is trying to tell me something''. After going vegan, Jenna comments she has seen immense changes, she feels so much better, her skin has cleared up, she now has a lot more energy and her head feels clearer.