Mira Aroyo

Ladytron lays it on Liverpool-based Ladytron, the so-called Godfathers of the new-wave electronic-pop scene, formed in 1999 and have since released four studio albums including their debut 604 which was released in 2001 and Velocifero which hit the stores earlier this year. Ladytron are Daniel Hunt (keyboards/rhythm box), Reuben Wu (keyboards/rhythm box), Helena Marnie (vocals/keyboards) and Mira Aroyo (vocals/keyboards). Hits such as Seventeen, Playgirl and Ghost have been blasting out of television sets and national radio stations since the NME announced He took her to a movie as single of the weekall the way back in 1999, which kick-started their rise to critical acclaim in the new and fantastic world of electro-pop. Bulgarian-born Mira is a clued up environment-loving, animal cruelty-hating vocalist with a difference, and Viva!ACTIVE were thrilled to be invited backstage at the Bristol Carling Academy to speak to her before the Ladytron gig. Arriving at the venue in the late afternoon, I was introduced to Mira who was waiting for me backstage, she was really friendly and seemed pleased to be able to do her bit for the animals.  I asked her a few questions about her diet, and she told me: “When I was 20 I decided to give up meat for environmental reasons. I wasn’t a fan of animal cruelty, or the BSE scares, but it was my environmental concerns which made me rethink my diet. In school I learnt a lot about the problems associated with intensive farming such as the demand on land, and the pollution cause by industry practices.” Mira told me: “My favourite food is probably Thai food, it always taste so fresh and healthy. I’ve definitely felt healthier since I stopped eating meat. It’s hard to remember now because it was so many years ago, but I can imagine that eating meat would feel too heavy … and chewy. Ew.” I asked Mira whether she feels activism is an important part of vegetarianism: “I have signed petitions against animal cruelty and factory farming. I would never wear fur, and I am against intensive farming. I am against animal cruelty. I think people should make up their own mind, but they need to be informed first. People need to be aware of the strain meat production is putting on the planet. In Brazil, rainforests are being cut down to make room for more cattle grazing. There used to be a lot of stigma attached to being a vegetarian, but there isn’t anymore and I think that’s why it’s important to campaign because you can educate people and encourage them to rethink their opinions.” Mira sings in Bulgarian on some of Ladytron’s tracks including Fighting in built-up areas from their album Witching Hour. Mira told Viva!ACTIVE: “Singing in Bulgarian was just an experiment early on in our career which paid off! The Bulgarian language sometimes fits the music better than English and so we do that. Sometimes people post translations on the internet which can be really cringey because the direct translation can sound kind of wrong, but in Bulgarian it makes sense!” “We all listen to a hell of a lot of different music so I guess our inspiration comes from lots of different places, we just try to make music that sounds new and interesting to us. We had a great show last night in Oxford, the tour is going really well and we’re looking forward to Bristol tonight because we haven’t played here for a long time.” It was great meeting Mira, but the show was even better. The band stood on stage filled with smoke and light displays which matched perfectly to the beat of the music blaring from the Academy. The crowd was full of excited fans who had waited years for Ladytron to play in Bristol again, and they were letting their excitement show that the night was finally upon them. The music was an electro mix of beats, sounds and vocals forcing the audience to dance and move in time.  Their latest album, Velocifero, and their back catalogueare in stores and available to download now. To find out more about Ladytron please visit http://www.myspace.com/ladytron  where you can listen to their music, see gig listings, purchase their music and find out more about the band.