Patrik Baboumian

What happened when I went vegan, was the iron deficiency went away, because the dairy products were the problem. They were inhibiting the iron intake. I just felt great. After going vegan I felt like I was really in line with what my belief system was - that no animals, or humans, are worth more than other animals. This ideology would implement that you would have a behaviour towards animals - just the same way that you would behave towards fellow humans. You wouldn’t eat your friends right.

Strongman competitor. Won title of Germany's Strongest Man and came 4th in Loglifting World Championship in 2011. Currently holds the World log lift record in the 105k-category as well as the German heavyweight log lift record (180 kg).

Baboumian went vegetarian in 2005 and has been vegan since 2011. He has inspired many people, even a butcher, who said that after seeing him on TV started thinking about what he'd been doing all his life up to that point, and decided to go vegetarian and get another job.