Their may be a few in this section that will surprise you! Who's your favourite vegan actor?


A vegan diet can go a long way, taking athletes on career paths they've never dreamed of.


These vegan chefs are showing the world how to eat kind! 



Whether they're using veganism in their stand-up or their celebrity as a platform to promote it.



From models to designers, vegans grace the global catwalk with style.

Historical Figures

Historical Figures

Discover which world leaders, heroes and public figures have been in the spotlight, sporting a vegan lifestyle.


Vegans models grace the global catwalk with style.



More vegans grace the back benches than you might think, and aren't necessarily members of the Green Party.

Pop Stars/Musicians

Pop Stars/Musicians


Is your favourite artist in this list of fabulous vegans?



Vegans are everywhere, from radio and TV to nightclubs and events.



From entrepreneurs to directors of both charity and film, vegan professionals rule the planet.



Many of the world's leading scientists have led a vegan lifestyle. Discover more about them here.



Authors of different mediums, vegans write with passion and empathy for our fellow creatures.

The best thing you can do for animals is to just leave them off your plate."


The television presenter, actress and singer, best known as a judge on ITV's Britain's Got Talent, has been vegetarian since she was thirteen.

"how can it be morally defensible to slaughter animals?"

'I've been a vegetarian since I did one too many interviews about Mad Cow Disease back in the 80s. The more I found out about some of our farming methods, the more I gagged at the whole idea of eating meat.'
'I reckon we all should go meat-free. After all, since we "rich" countries in the...

'I just feel a lot healthier being vegetarian but the thing I love most is the fact that I have a completely clear conscience'.

A word of advice to meat eaters – if you think that animal cruelty is unimportant and that vegetarianism is a waste of time, whatever you do…
Don’t Challenge Anneka
by Tony Wardle
If you’re young, you almost certainly know her as a trend-setting, pretty cool cyber babe. If you...

Fiona Phillips is an English journalist, broadcaster and television presenter, best known for her presenting roles with the ITV Breakfast programme GMTV.

As a lifelong vegetarian I am someone who is upset at cruelty to animals and their slaughter. I find the idea totally barbaric.

Prof Heather Anita Couper, CBE, BSc, DSc (Hon), DLitt (Hon), FInstP, CPhys, FRAS, is a British astronomer who popularized astronomy in the 1980s and also the 1990s on British television, and was president of the British Astronomical Association from 1984 to 1986.

"I've been vegetarian for over 30 years but only recently learned of the cruelty involved in producing dairy & eggs, which inspired me to go vegan. This would not have happened without the...

Travel and property broadcaster and writer, Jasmine has spent a most of the last 8 years abroad, filming Channel 4's award-winning show A Place in the Sun - Home or Away.

Jay McGuiness is an English singer and member of boyband The Wanted.

John Peel, OBE, was an English DJ, radio presenter, record producer and journalist.

Mary Anne Hobbs is an English DJ and music journalist from Garstang, Lancashire. She currently hosts the BBC 6 Music Weekend Breakfast shows, Saturday and Sunday 7-10am, and her 6 Music Recommends show, Wednesday night into Thursday morning 12midnight - 1am.

Natasha Margaret Kaplinsky is an English newsreader and television presenter, best known for her roles as a newsreader on Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5 and ITV News where she is the current presenter.

Ricki Pamela Lake is an American actress, producer, and Emmy Award-winning television host. She is best known for her talk show which was broadcast internationally 1993–2004, and her role in the 1988 film Hairspray.

Tony Blackburn is an English disc jockey who broadcast on the "pirate" stations Radio Caroline and Radio London in the 1960s and was the first disc jockey to broadcast on BBC Radio 1 at its launch in 1967.

“I am so proud to be a part of the Viva! team. They bring hope, inspiration, perseverance, passion and a huge ray of sunshine to the world of animal welfare. When the Viva! teeth bite, they bite...