Sadie Frost

I've always had a rule that meat can't be cooked in the house.

Actress Sadie Frost has performed in over 20 films including Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Krays, Final Cut, The Heavy, Beyond the Rave and Shopping, where she met husband-to-be Jude Law. She has also appeared in music videos such as Pulp's Common People and various productions for Spandau Ballet. Sadie has been vegetarian from a very early age, as never liked the taste or thought of eating meat. 'When I was a baby my mum tried to give me meat when she introduced solids and I just wouldn't eat it. She tried everything, but I became a natural vegetarian just through the fact that I simply didn't like the taste of meat. She told me that when I got to about three or four, that when I used to walk along the high street and there'd be a butcher's shop I'd be really upset and I'd get really emotional about it. If she went into the butcher's to get meat for herself I would start crying and shouting, "How would you like to be put in a bacon butty?" 'I've never been able to be around meat. I hate going to restaurants that serve meat and I don't like meat in my house. In fact, I've always had a rule that meat can't be cooked in the house and it can't even be in the house.' 'I've never touched meat. I've never held it. I wouldn't even be able to put a plate that had had meat in the dishwasher and I certainly can't cook it. If I was to come into contact with it I would become physically sick.'