Wendy Leavesley

"Two big loves of mine are comedy and animals. I do animal rescue of mainly dogs, cats and chickens. I was a committed vegetarian for decades as I couldn't eat my friends, but found that becoming vegan was a natural progression.

"Mark Reinfeld, author of "the 30 Minute Vegan" showed me how vegan food is healthy and exciting too.  I have attended his course, and his recipes are supremely delicious!
"Since eating vegan, I have noticed better energy levels, and now prefer the taste of non-dairy alternatives.  It is not a big leap to go from vegetarian to vegan, (even for someone who doesn’t like cooking!!) and the merits of a plant based diet are now widely known. Mark has a website www.veganfusion.com with details of his courses which he holds worldwide.  I am a fan!”