First Birthday

by Dr Ameera Brett


Yesterday was my first birthday

I remembered my mum

Her voice and affection

Her kisses and cuddles

Oh why did they take you away?

Been so heartbroken since

Crying for your return mama every day

To smell you close to me

To lie next to you in the green meadow

Under the bright warm sun


I was tortured after that mama

No one showed me the love 

And tenderness you gave

I was beaten mama

To move this way, that way

To Obey and be a good slave


It got so bad I got sick mama

They put me in a dirty shed with all the sick ones and dying so I was

becoming a hassle mama

They called the man they called for you when

they took you away


I was prodded with electrical sticks

They hurt so bad, right in my bones

Pushed into a cold metal trailer with many other broken, lost,

damaged souls It’s the end for us one cried Time to meet our maker And for this nightmare to end To the slaughterhouse they shouted As we

drove away


Hungry, thirsty, scared and in pain

I arrived and was met with a menacing man with a grin

He shot me through the skull It shattered my bones and mushed my brain I can hear the others screaming all near

As I was fading to the light I saw you mama again, you came Surrounded by the warm light Mama did you know?

It was my first birthday yesterday...