Free From, by Annalise Williams

Annalise says: "This poem is about the world we live in being speciesist and how everybody is oblivious to the unjust and the hypocrisy of the industries these animals are born into. The title is supposed to be a play on the 'free from' sections in supermarkets and the huge difference that buying from them makes. I wrote this poem as it is something I feel extremely passionate about and is good to convey those feelings into words for others to hopefully be influenced by." 

Free From

The spark in the eye of a merciful creature unsettlingly fading away.
What a short and miserable, wasted life.
It was doomed to end this way.
Although their body will still be owned;
Their soul is finally free.
Free from the pain which is argued humane.
Free from the man with blood on his hands.
Free from a world where the hitman is sinister,
But the consumer is a saint.
Free from a world where there are buildings for killing,
Where blood coats the walls like paint.
Free from a world where you need to be convinced to have compassion,
Where murder is a business for the sake of taste or fashion.
Free from a world with a distorted vision of wrong and right,
Where innocent beings have to live their lives in fright.
Free from a world where the only freedom comes after their heart stops beating,
Where none of this would happen if we just researched who we’re eating.