Green lines poetry


Want to wax lyrical about anything veggie?

Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write a poem about anything related to Viva!, saving animals or the world or all three. It could be a happy or funny poem about going veggie/vegan or passionate lines fighting animal cruelty. Let your creative side flow.

You could win a goodie bag worth £20 (top prize), £15, £10 or £5 (runner ups).

This is an ongoing comp where we will choose winners each month. Your poem may be printed and may go up here on the web. You need to be under 18 to enter.

The (not many) rules and regs!

  1. The poem can be any length, any style.
  2. Enter here or post your entry to: Green Lines Poetry Comp, Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH.
  3. Winners will be chosen in two categories – under 12s and 12-17s.

Good luck!


Previous Winners

'Being Vegan' by Charlotte Bancroft

'First Birthday' by Dr Ameera Brett

'Animal Save' by Mo Burden

'Creatures great and small' by Diana A Edmondson

'A Voice for the Animals' by Deborah Rylatt

'Barn Xyardx Birds' by Jackie Joseph

'(A Tetractys)' by Jackie Joseph

'The Butcher Shop Window' by Izzy Grady

'A Short Ode to Sheep' by Judie Jacobs

'Free From Farming' by Jackie Joseph

'How We Badger The Badger' by Jackie Joseph

'A Short Poem' by Sam Rapp

'A Poem' by Hannah Bielby

'Carnal Karma' by Heidi Stephenson

'Dover - Gateway to Hell' by Eileen Clarke

'One Day' by Crystal Talbot

'Free From' by Annalise Williams

'If Animals Could Talk' by Steven Moore

'Imagine' by James Cooper

'Oh The Animals Are So Nice' by Saskia Newman