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Being vegan has never been easier. Even tiny convenience stores now stock vegan sausages and soya milk. And statistics show a huge rise in the sales of meat-free and free-from products, with over 35 million people in the UK eating vegetarian/vegan more of the time. Mintel – the prestigious survey company – predicts that meat-free and free-from food sales will top £1 billion in 2013. Alpro says there are 5 million dairy-free people in the UK.

And of course, vegan numbers are massively on the rise. While UK vegetarians number around 4-5 million, vegan numbers have risen to anything between 350,000-1 million, depending on whose figures you believe! In Germany, the numbers have risen to nearly a million; in the USA over 2% of the population define themselves as vegan - and it is a hugely influential and growing global movement.

Veganism is a positive step - you will discover a big new world of exciting food, rather than ‘giving up’ animal products. It’s much easier than you think – and not only are you helping to save animals and the environment but it’s good for your health too. Result!

Explore vegan recipes of every type, from cakes to cookies, ‘cheese’ to ‘chicken’ and gorgeous ways with veggies! Whether you are a novice or an experienced cook, you will find plenty of inspiration on www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk - Viva!’s celebrated recipe site. With over 500 recipes (and growing), articles, nutritional information, a blog and dedicated Facebook page… it’s got the lot.