One Day, by Crystal Talbot

Crystal says: "Essentially, my poem encapsulated what I feel like as a vegan to know that other people still eat animals. It sometimes feels too surreal or upsetting to comprehend. It also highlights how I believe that one day their pain will be over and that we are growing as
a large group of people."

One Day

I still find it so surreal,
That people eat bodies as their meal,
How could someone justify that?
To consume their flesh, their life or their fat?

But it makes me feel better to know ,
That the changes we are making vastly show,
That the innocent shall not be ignored,
Those actions shall soon be abhorred,

Don't justify actions to satiate your hunger,
Those babies couldn't have died any younger,

I know the time will soon come to earth,
When we will not celebrate their death but their birth,
When all of humanity acknowledges their worth,
They'll stop consuming her babies milk with a spoon,
The suffering will end,
One day soon...