A poem by Hannah Bielby

Hannah dedicates her poem to all the animals whom she has borne witness to. Thank you Hannah for sharing this very powerful piece with us, and for all that you do for the animals!

My name in three hundred and forty one my age half a year,

The humans named farmers are now my biggest fear,

They claim they treat us humanely when really they don’t care,

My mother was brutally murdered in the frigid air,

This torture palace on earth is a living hell,

For the days I dreamed of freedom upon I don’t dwell,

Has now become the darkest hour in my history,

Perhaps animal liberation will be a victory,

I see the chambers are yet some hours away,

My mind all bewildered, sorrowful and grey,

See I never wanted to neglected and die,

Yet I only have one option and that is to say goodbye,

Is it possible death is greater I do not know yet,

Or do they only just use a death sentence as a threat,

Yet i have endorsed a tragic feeling,

Piled into trucks along with my friends who are squealing,

I overheard a distressed voice screaming,

Run little children run for your lives you’ve been bought to the madhouse now you must survive,

For my name is really little piggy...that is who I am...the number in my ear doesn’t define who I am.