Green lines poetry

Want to wax lyrical about anything veggie?

Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write a poem about anything related to Viva!, saving animals or the world or all three. It could be a happy or funny poem about going veggie/vegan or passionate lines fighting animal cruelty. Let your creative side flow.

You could win a goodie bag worth £20 (top prize), £15, £10 or £5 (runner ups).

This is an ongoing comp where we will choose winners each month. Your poem may be printed and may go up here on the web. You need to be under 18 to enter.

The (not many) rules and regs!

  1. The poem can be any length, any style.
  2. Enter here or post your entry to: Green Lines Poetry Comp, Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH.
  3. Winners will be chosen in two categories – under 12s and 12-17s.

Good luck!


Winning poems and some of our favourites by the professionals.

One Day, by Crystal Talbot

Joint September 2017 winner! Crystal says: "Essentially, my poem encapsulated what I feel like as a vegan to know that other people still eat animals. It sometimes feels too surreal or upsetting to comprehend. It also highlights how I believe that one day their pain will be over and that we are growing as
a large group of people."

One Day

I still find it so surreal,
That people eat bodies as their meal,
How could someone justify that?
To consume their flesh, their life or their fat?

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Free From, by Annalise Williams

September winner! Annalise says: "This poem is about the world we live in being speciesist and how everybody is oblivious to the unjust and the hypocrisy of the industries these animals are born into. The title is supposed to be a play on the 'free from' sections in supermarkets and the huge difference that buying from them makes. I wrote this poem as it is something I feel extremely passionate about and is good to convey those feelings into words for others to hopefully be influenced by." 

Free From

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Be still my weeping heart, by Pam Lightfoot

August 2017 winner! By Pam Lightfoot

I'm different, I know I am, I must speak out when I see a sham

I must speak clear when danger's near, why should the weak now live in fear.

This world could be a paradise, if people treated others nice,

But as it is, the great divide, has grown and now become too wide.

I fear the best has already gone, I fear of what my race has done.

We now have fires, winds, high seas, bringing people to their knees.

What has caused this, you may ask, nuclear bombs, or just bad ass!

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If animals could talk, by Steven Moore

April 2017 winner! Steven Moore of London wrote this thought provoking poem, after having  a dream "about animals (farmed animals) rising up against us and taking action for the cruel torture we inflict upon them daily."

If animals could talk

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Butcher shop window, by Izzy Grady, 13

Izzy Grady, 13 of Manchester is our March 2017 winner. She says " The reason why I wrote this poem is because ever since I met Juliet of Viva! with a group of my friends at the Manchester vegan festival, I have been inspired to speak more openly on my ideas and opinions regarding animal rights with my friends and family. I also try to do so creatively so I hope you like my poem!"  Izzy, we do like it! It is very powerful.

Butcher shop window​

Nice and fresh -

Just in yesterday.

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A wonderfully pictorial poem by Judie Jacobs of Leeds

A short ode to sheep​

Oh Autumn mist lake with your islands of grey, your fog may be seen from far away.

Your voice has an echo of bleating hill sheep, they roam the hills freely,a picturesque sight, in a lakeland setting of blue, and copper hues their beauty and grace adorn the landscape.

Please let them stay there and not on our dinner plate.


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A short poem by Sam Rapp the dyslexic poet

Thanks to Sam Rapp for this amazing poem


Simply vegan, that's me you see,

I've been vegan for many years and suffered various discriminations throughout this time that's sometimes reduced me to tears,

But being vegan to me is a way of life, it's liberty, freedom for the beauty of my fello animals, it's life itself, it's mother earth's way so we can all live in peace  with the freedom of musical harmony, like the waters that flow, to make life grow,

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A poem by Hannah Bielby

Hannah dedicates her poem to all the animals whom she has borne witness to. Thank you Hannah for sharing this very powerful piece with us, and for all that you do for the animals!

My name in three hundred and forty one my age half a year,

The humans named farmers are now my biggest fear,

They claim they treat us humanely when really they don’t care,

My mother was brutally murdered in the frigid air,

This torture palace on earth is a living hell,

For the days I dreamed of freedom upon I don’t dwell,

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Don't Eat Meat

By Rose Tangye, age 6


Don't eat meat, would you rather hear a bleat of little sheep playing in the field?

Don't eat meat, would you rather hear a squeak of little piggies dancing with their feet?

Don't eat meat, would you rather hear a moo, the animals rely on you!

We love animals!

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This is an amazingly powerful poem by winner Charlotte Smith, age 15 of Barnoldswick.

Seeing pigs in a truck going into a slaughterhouse after watching a slaughter video online is what pushed me to stop eating meat. Since then I have started an animal rights group in school and do talks in assemblies.” Thanks Charlotte for all you do to help animals.


Lorry after lorry queue up outside,
as the doors begin to open you can hear them cry.
They try to hide but in the monsters come,
prodding them with electric pokers just for fun.
This day has been planned since their mothers bore,
just like their brothers and sisters from the years before.

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Don't Eat Meat

By Heidi Stephenson

Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat,
That animal once had eyes and feet –
And ears and nose and front legs too,
And felt things, just like me and you.

A lump of flesh on your plate now,
There are baby pigs who miss that sow –
Who cry at night with broken hearts,
Their dear old mum now chopped in parts.

Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat,
That creature had a pulse which beat –
And knew Earth’s pains; her pleasures few,
Yet prized her life, just as we do.

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Oh The Animals Are So Nice

by Saskia Newman

Pigs eating figs,
Cows having rows,
Cats lying on mats,
Horses on courses,
Kittens wearing mittens,
Goats climbing ropes,
Oh the animals are so nice,
Not just to add some spice.

Parrots eating carrots,
Hogs having jogs,
A bull lying full,
Ostrich doing cross stitch,
Kangaroo saying boo,
Sheep who leap,
Let the animals enjoy their life
They are not for us to eat with a knife.

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How We Badger The Badger

By Jackie Joseph

Badgers like to dig and burrow
deep down where it's safe and cozy;

some like to be alone a lot,
while others rely on family,

but each one likes to snooze by day
and hunt for food at night say that is a problem
'coz' badgers can have a viral bite

and sometimes they make friends
with coyotes, but, i disagree ~

both wild and tame have rights, and all
the in-between places are meant to be!

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Free From Farming

By Jackie Joseph

If people stopped eating pork chops
would pig farming start to decrease?
Would we give more space to wild hogs
if people stopped eating pork chops?

Would people vet pigs like pet dogs
or let them come / go as they please
if people stopped eating pork chops?
Would pig farming start to decrease?

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(a tetractys)

By Jackie Joseph

(like dogs)
like people
and learning things ~
they are loving, intelligent beings.

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'Barn xyardx Birds'

By Jackie Joseph

Birds "free to roam"
inside a shed
are crammed ~ so they
do not 'waste' space

but how can you even pigeon-step
around an airless room
if / when others' poorly body parts
are always in your flustered face!

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'Veggie Through the Years'

By Orly Akram, from Stroud

When I was little,
all I would eat,
were the emerald tufts,
in the garden, under my feet!

Yes, it did make me burp and throw up,
but it was better than munching a little pup!

When I was a teenager,
I refused to consume,
what would be slaughtered,
straight from their mother's womb.

Yes, I was a bit hungry,
But it was way better than making God angry.

When I was an Adult,
I was very grateful,
that I never turned out like everyone else,
which was fat and always full.

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Talking Turkeys!

By Benjamin Zephaniah

Viva!’s Juliet Gellatley with best-selling poet, Benjamin Zephaniah

Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas
Cos' turkeys just wanna hav fun
Turkeys are cool, turkeys are wicked
An every turkey has a Mum.
Be nice to yu turkeys dis christmas,
Don't eat it, keep it alive,
It could be yu mate, an not on your plate
Say, Yo! Turkey I'm on your side.

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by Livi Livesey

M-meat is cruel
U-underrated suffering
R-ruthless killers
D-death and pain
E-everyone's asking are these people insane?
R-re birth and separation spreads across our nation

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Sesame Street

As I walk down the street and stare at my feet, A man comes up with a
smile on his face, He tells with great pride, About a man in disguise selling great chunks of “marvellous” beef.
I stare in disgrace at the smile on his face, A look with no words to describe.
I say goodbye with great fear inside of this man’s discovery.
His heart seemed so cold,
If he thought this so bold,
A gesture for public appeal.
The shouts of “yay” and “hip hooray”,
That he seems unable to conceal.
The deaths seem so few,
The cries inside,

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I'm Only a Cow

By Tess Lynch of Bedlington, Northumberland

I was born at 7a.m. on Monday.
Velvet black and white and really strong.
My mum licked me, warmed me, helped me to my feet, and gave me milk.

By tea-time that same day, Rough Hands dragged me from my mum
And shoved me frightened and alone into a plastic, bare, cold hutch.

I called for mum. She heard me and called back.
I cried for her for nights and days and so did she for me.
We never met again.

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