Poster for Factory Farming – It’s Gotta Go!

Design a poster for Viva!’s campaign – Factory Farming, It’s Gotta Go! and you could win a goodie bag worth £40 (top prize), £20, £15, £10 or £5 (runner ups). This is an ongoing comp where we will choose winners each month. Your poster may be printed and may go up here on the web. You need to be under 18 to enter.

The campaign:

Factory Farming, It’s Gotta Go! is Viva!’s major campaign to tell the world factory farming has to end – because it’s cruel, disgusting, gross, horrific, inhumane and is also dangerous to humans because of the diseases it causes (from superbugs to heart disease) and the destruction of the world’s environment. You can create a poster from any angle that is against factory farming and illustrated with any type of farmed animals or more than one type if you like (or use other images). It’s up to you, let your imagination fly!

The rules:

  • The poster can be just words, or words with a drawing (or artwork of any type).
  • It can be in one colour (eg black words on a white background) or using any combination of colours.
  • It can be about anything related to being against factory farming.
  • Include the “Viva!” logo and the slogan “Factory Farming – It’s Gotta Go!”. You can use other words too, if you like.
  • Your poster can be any size and shape.
  • Post your entry to: Factory Farming - It’s Gotta Go! Poster Comp, Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH or email it if scanned at high resolution to along with your name, address and date of birth.
  • Winners will be chosen each month in two categories – under 12s and 12-17s.

Good luck!

Winners gallery:



Congratulations Tzivia Reeder (age 5) you are October's Winner! 


A brilliant poster by Maggie. Congrats on being this month's winner!



Many thanks to Thomas for this excellent poster. 



Thank you so much to Crystal Talbot for this month's brilliant poster!


Thanks to Anna Dyer, age 9 of Ashford, for this very clever poster.


There are two fantastic winners this month! Congratulations to Reese and Naomi.

Reese Larcombe age 6 of Swansea:

Naomi Locke age 11 of Swansea:


Thank you Lauren, 10 for your poster. You are our May 2017 winner. (You didn't send your email or address so get in touch for your prize!) 


What a way to start off 2017 with these fantastic posters from pupils at the The Willow School. Congratulations to Jack our January winner! We loved your poster - it really made us smile. And well done to January runners-up Corey, Mohamed, Jamie, Michael and Daniel.

Winner, Jack:

January winner - Jack


Corey's picture


Mohamed's picture


Daniel's picture


Jamie's picture


Michael's picture



August's winner is Alfie Ramkhelawon, 8 of Tunbridge Wells. Thank you Alfie, for this moving, beautiful poster!


July's winner is Gabija Mieliauskaite, 17 of Wolverhampton. Thanks Gabi for this lovely poster and its message of peace!


Thank you and well done to the Willows School in Rotherham for your entries to our poster competition. They are all fantastic and moving. The overall winner is Anthony W with his “Say Yes to Love No to Factory Farming” – as it is striking, well composed and a powerful, simple message that works. 

> See all entries from the Willows School in Rotherham



May's winner is Saskia Newman, 11, of Stockport. Thanks Saskia for this fabulous poster inspired by our Life is Cheep? campaign



July's winner is Alyssia Antonen, age 12 from Durkar, West Yorkshire.



June's winner is Neve Akram, age 11 from Stroud, Gloucestershire.



July's winner was Cate Lowther, age 16 from Wirral for her fantastic poster.


June's winner was Ellie Spirrett, age 11 from Wakefield, West Yorkshire.