We have all the information and resources you need to go and stay vegan:

  • Vegan Recipe Club
    The vegan's dream - hundreds of tasty recipes for all occasions. Guarenteed to make your taste buds happier!
  • 30 Day Vegan
    Try going vegan for 30 days - we'll help you! We'll send you daily delicious recipes, inspiration and information.
  • L-Plate Vegan
    The best guide to easy vegan shopping around - helpful tips on cruelty-free alternatives and where to buy them!
  • The Livewire Guide
    A fantastic guide to going and staying vegan. Loads of great information written by Viva!'s founder and director - Juliet Gellatley.
  • Food + Health
    Get healthy and strong on a vegan diet.
  • Nutrition
    Sports nutrition meal plans and recipe ideas.
  • Vegan health
    Where you get your iron, calcium and protein (plenty of places!).
  • Vegan sports nutrition
    Harder, better, faster, stronger. Sports nutrition meal plans and recipe ideas.
  • Videos
    Viva! TV: all the best videos for young activists on the web.
  • What's on your plate?
    The vegan eatwell plate showing you the correct proportions of food for optimal nutrition