A short poem by Sam Rapp the dyslexic poet

Thanks to Sam Rapp for this amazing poem


Simply vegan, that's me you see,

I've been vegan for many years and suffered various discriminations throughout this time that's sometimes reduced me to tears,

But being vegan to me is a way of life, it's liberty, freedom for the beauty of my fello animals, it's life itself, it's mother earth's way so we can all live in peace  with the freedom of musical harmony, like the waters that flow, to make life grow,

The  raw delights, in my sights, not the hunters eyes through his blinkered telescopic sight, that causes animals to run and scatter a loved one dead, another day of strife as the trigger pulls back under attack,

Why blame animals and make them sore, when you hunt game with your big gun and tear into the flesh of a sentient being simply just grazing, an elephant or lion, a living being,

I'm vegan you see and happy to be blood free, no animals are hurt or cry for me they are my friends why can't you see