A Voice For The Animals by Deborah Rylatt

 Deborah Rylatt has written this poem in response to our TRASH campaign. Please see scarydairy.org.uk for more details. Thanks Deborah!


A Voice for The Animals

I am a necessary unwanted by-product,

I am a Calf.  

My mother had to bear me before she could give milk,                

Not to me, I’m not allowed to suckle,  

Uncaring hands carry me from my Mother’s side       

To what awaits,  

My misfortune, my fate, 

I am a Calf.


I am a Calf, please help me,    

Unwanted as soon as I am born, except by my Mother, 

We yearn, mourn for each other,

We have no say, I’m taken away,  

Her milk ready for me, but not mine to suckle,  

Metal and pipes, not my velvet mouth, tug and drain her dry, 

Would it be too much to let us touch, 

Spend a little time together,  

NO this is no Land of Milk and Honey,  

Toss me aside, it’s Milk for MONEY.


Speak for me and my fellow sufferers, 

Horses, pigs, cattle, birds, sheep,  

Weep, then help us, try to save us, 

Don’t “just” weep...